Megasmush (megasma) 1.0.1 Mod Apk For AndroidMegasmash (megasma) 1.0.1 Mod Apk For Android Even those who are not good at action RPG with the super easy operation for 1 play are superb Get a sense of exhilaration! Let’s swarm the hordes of piercing monsters with gaudy deathblows skillfully and smash! メガスマッシュ(メガスマ)- アクション & 本格スマホRPG Comfortable play with just tap! Experts flick the screen and decide “heavy smash” and hide them! Climb, get off, jump jump! A powerful action battle unfolded in a quest map with height difference!
· You can strengthen your character by adventuring together or collecting items!
– By evolving the raised character, a new figure and powerful action skills will be released!
· If you develop a town spreading on a flying ship, the character further powers up! It is also possible to move the city freely!
· Mini-games of “Mananoko hunting” that destroys mysterious cry Fighting battle with players all over Japan, friends at school and workplace, up to 4 people!
· There is also a chance to get special items that are only available in arena mode!
· Let’s blow a powerful boss monster that does not enemy alone by cooperating with their colleagues!


– God mode
– One hit

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